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Program Director (Co-Owner)

Tammy McLean has been in love with gymnastics since she first saw Nadia Comăneci compete in the 1976 Olympics. She has been involved in the greatest sport ever since.

Her parents built equipment in their backyard and enrolled Tammy in Rockland County, NY. She started coaching in that same gym when she was 17 and has now been coaching for over 30 years. Tammy has experience in the classroom as well,  running an academic preschool, Kindergarten, and working with children with special needs. Vault was her best event and still her favorite to coach.

Tammy and her husband, Todd, owned and operated Flip Factory Gymnastics in Hayden, Idaho for nearly two decades before her extended family encouraged them to settle in Florida.

Flip Factory hailed many state champions, regional competitors, and scholarship recipients.

She is so excited to be a part of the new Apollo Beach Gymnastics Academy and grow an amazing program here in the Suncoast area. 



Team Director

Todd enjoyed gymnastics as a child, but decided to focus solely on football to finish his high school career at East Valley High School in 1990.  He later studied Sports Psychology and Physical Therapy at Eastern Washington University.

Todd met his wife Tammy in 1994 at a gymnastics training facility in North Spokane, Washington. He started coaching part time, and he and Tammy have been coaching together for over 25 years. They started Flip Factory Gymnastics in a small town in Eastern Washington in 1998. Shortly thereafter, they outgrew this facility and reopened in North Idaho, running the facility for nearly 2 decades.

Over the years, Todd has coached gymnastics and cheer at several high schools and colleges. He's instructed and spoken at numerous seminars and Gymnastics and Cheer Congresses. Todd has also been a guest coach at many gymnastics and cheer camps. 

One of Todd's unforgettable moments was when he taught tumbling at his favorite college,


"Positively influencing the minds and hearts of young ones is not a job, it is a joy!"

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Finance and Marketing Director (Co-Owner)

Amanda has been a resident of Apollo Beach for eight years. She and her husband, Justin, are the parents of 4 children, 2 girls and twin boys.

After graduating from USF, Amanda was a sales service manager for Swarovski Crystal covering Tampa to Naples. She spent nearly a decade in cardiovascular pharmaceutical sales as a sales specialist before having the privilege of being a stay at home mom.

Amanda watched her daughter’s intense love for gymnastics and cheer grow, as well as her own. She wanted to be an active member and contributor in the community and ABGA will provide her this opportunity.

Amanda loves volunteering at school. She’s a travel enthusiast, animal lover and amateur writer who enjoys skiing, crafting and yoga.



Rec-Director & Co-Team Director

Sydney was involved in gymnastics before she could walk. She was raised in a gym and loved every single minute of it. Sydney competed not only in gymnastics, but also in dance and cheer.

She is a multi-time Idaho State Champion and has won competitions not only in Idaho, but also Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and Montana.

Sydney has been coaching for over 5 years. Long before that, she displayed leadership qualities as a team member/coach on the floor, inspiring her teammates to always give 100%.

Sydney's strong dance background inspires creative and artistic choreography that will take our teams to the next level.



Co-Boys Team Director and Recreational Coach

My parents have owned a gym pretty much my whole life I did gymnastics until I was 10 and decided to play football I came back when I was 15 and fell in the love with the sport again.

I become the first member of ABGA to qualify for regionals in my second year and then jumped three levels to compete as a level 7 in my senior season I also became the first ABGA gymnast to qualify for the eastern national champions. Now that I’m retired I enjoy coaching all levels from 1 years old to our adult classes I specialize in tumbling, boys team, and boys preteam. but I also assist with diapers daredevils, girls team and Preteam, recreational boys, and recreational girls   



Team and Preteam coach

My name is Jordan! My parents started me out in gymnastics when I was 3 years old and loved the sport ever since. I ended up making it to level 10 and got offered a spot on a division 1 gymnastics team.

I started coaching at my gym when I was 17 and continued coaching on and off for about 8 years while earning a Masters Degree in Behavior Analysis.

I enjoy coaching all ages! My favorite part is seeing the growth in the athletes.

Three random facts:
1) My favorite color is pink
2) I can snowboard
3) I love coffee

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Team Coach

Bella has been coaching at ABGA for about a year. She was a gymnast for 3 years and a dancer for 15 years.

Her favorite thing about teaching at ABGA is seeing all the kids smiles. They really are the highlight of her day.

Some fun facts about her are:

1. Her favorite color is lilac.

2. She got married last May.

3. She LOVES Hot Cheetos!!

She coaches Sunrays, Rookies, Beginner Girls and team.



Recreational Coach

 I did gymnastics from ages 8-11. I started cheering at age 11 and am currently on my high school’s Varsity Cheer team. I love working with Diaper Daredevils, Sunbeams, and Sunrays. Getting to watch them grow up and try new skills for the very first time is so exciting! Some fun facts about me are that I am super involved in my school, in my free time I love binge watching different tv shows, and I want to become an attorney.



Preschool, Recreational Boys and Girls Coach

Hi my name is Julia Sexton. I competed gymnastics for 2 years. I love watching the kids grow there love for gymnastics and there motivation and determination to achieve there goals. I love working with all the kids, getting to know them and building a relationship with them personally. I coach Sunrays, Sunbeams,
Rookies, Boys Preteam, Intermediates, and assist with some younger girls preteams. I absolutely cherish every single moment of it. I look forward to getting to know your child and helping them grow as a gymnast!



Preschool Coach and Choreographer for Developmental Classes

I danced competitively for 7 1/2 years and competed as a gymnast for 3 years. I love coaching kids and helping them develop new skills, I also enjoy coaching my babies and intermediate girls and I occasionally help with pre team.

The best part of my job is getting to know all of the kids and pushing them to be the best that they can be without doubting themselves and being confident in what they do. 

Three random facts about myself are:

1. I Love anything lavender 
2. I want to be an orthopedic pediatric surgeon 
3. I have an obsession with elephants 

shea coach.jpeg


Recreational Coach

I have been doing gymnastics for about 5 years and 2 years competitively and counting. I have been coaching at ABGA a little over a year. I love working with kids to help them become a better gymnast and help them improve in areas they need work in. 
Some facts about me is I love sushi. I enjoy spending my free time out on the boat. And I love cats.



Recreational coach

I’ve been doing gymnastics since i was 5 & competing on & off , I enjoy teaching all my classes ,Rookies , Beginners ,Buc boys , Sunrays. Bars is my favorite event to teach. while I learn new skills & flip around in my free time. I love doing sports, working out, & traveling :)



Recreational boys and girls coach

My name is Mia Estevez. I coach Sunrays, rookies, beginners and recreational boys. Before working at ABGA I cheered for 11 years and also coached cheerleading. My favorite part about working at ABGA is creating a relationship with all the kids and allowing them to talk to me about anything. 

Three random facts about me-

1) I am fluent in both English and Spanish 

2) I started cheerleading when I was 4 years old

3) My favorite color is blue



Recreational coach

My name is Kiara Dominguez I’ve grown up cheering and doing dance. I’ve also trained Cheerleaders for East bay buccaneers little league. I coach sunbeams, sunrays, diaper daredevils and rookies. some fun facts about me are that I’m a twin, my favorite color is green, and I love to read.



Volunteer Coach

HI I'm Stella I'm 13 I was a level 9 gymnast and did gymnastics for five years I also did power tumbling and was a level 7 national champion for rod floor I assist with girls team and my favorite thing about coaching is getting to see the girls excited about learning and growing in gymnastics.

Man Balancing on Gymnastics Rings


Recreational boys and tumbling coach

“I have been in gymnastics since I was 2 years old and have loved it ever since, I love to teach and watch younger gymnasts grow and gain new skills. Let’s have some fun!”

Meet the Staff: Meet the Staff
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